BE a hero_intYou are a hero looking to explore new worlds, to expand your horizons and to face new challenges. You are our superhero because with us you have… no limits!

While exploring the universe, you are in danger of being absorbed by black holes, you can be caught in galactic storms and you can be stopped by linguistic barriers. You do not accept defeat and you want to break through any obstacle. That is why you landed here!


Before you read any further, please stop for a few seconds and close your eyes.

Why are you peeking?

Maybe you do not yet know that we have telepathic powers…

Well, now that we have read your mind, we know you are here because you are a superhero in need of:

  • Translations of cosmic quality;
  • 1Translations you order now and want to receive yesterday because you know we have our own time machine;
  • A more efficient communication with heroes from other galaxies;
  • Better information regarding interplanetary business;
  • An extraordinary localization of information to an extra-terrestrial audience;
  • Pure and simple language solutions.

To be the best superhero, we put the entire intergalactic Swiss Solutions team at your disposal so that you can eliminate the black holes from translations, the confusing terminology, the deadlines that are about to explode, or the language inconsistencies.

Here are a few pointers so you can get to know us better:

  • We are unconventional, unlike anything else you have seen… we are Swiss Solutions!
  • w2We have evolved from a small rock to Swiss Solutions Planet in only 9 Earth years;
  • 41 Swissolutians use their knowledge to help you enhance your powers;
  • From our Big Bang to the present, we have been developing gravitational ties with over 2,100 entities and we will continue to do so daily;
  • We can help you communicate in 78 languages and we are eager to conquer other linguistic civilizations for you;
  • We receive assistance from over 3,000 satellite collaborators;
  • The intergalactic messages we have translated so far reach approximately 1,000,000 pages!

Prepare for teleportation!

Check out our new Swiss Solutions Brochure here.


Our Address:

Bd. Carol I nr.65, Bl. 2bis, Sc.A, ap.3


33.836081, -81.1637245


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