With head offices in Berlin, Germany, we are an internet connected team of translators and interpreters in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. We are engineers, scientists and economists from many branches of technology, industry and commerce.


  • Translation services in compliance with DIN EN 15038
  • Specialist competence – engineers, scientists, economists
  • Language competence – specially trained native speakers
  • Specialist areas – trans-tech Berlin is specialized in technical translations, translations in the field of medicine and medical technology, food, food science and food technology, translations covering all fields of environmental protection, renewable energy, sanitary engineering, automotive science and automobile technology, aerospace technology, architecture, building and construction, commercial translations, scientific translations, industrial translations, patents
  • Speedy processing and delivery, including transmission via the internet by FTP
  • Windows / MAC / Unix, all text programs and DTP formats
  • Translations into all 190 combinations of the 20 most important languages, and more
  • Experienced interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive, for complex scientific and economic discussions and lectures
  • Proofreading of existing texts
  • Film scripts, film dubbing.


Our prices are calculated on a per line (one standard line corresponds to 55 key strokes including spaces) or a per word basis, whereby the overall volume of the text and the complexity of the subject are significant factors determining the total price. Interpreter assignments, graphics jobs as well as all work requiring on-site presence of a translator/interpreter are calculated on an hourly basis. Please do not hesitate to use the “Request offer” form as an easy way to receive an offer for any type of translation job you may be contemplating. Or you can contact us directly via the “Team” menu. We would be very pleased to provide you with any further information that you may need.


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51.165861679904, 10.451712232666


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