Textworks Translations is a cooperative grouping of more than 200 scientists and social scientists, all qualified to doctoral level or above, and all putting their translating and revising/editing skills at the service of other academics. All are native speakers of German, English or French, and all translate only into their native language.

To translate an academic text appropriately it is not enough to be a first-rate translator. It requires familiarity both with the branch of learning concerned and with the linguistic and formal conventions of academic texts. That is why the services we offer, translation and native-speaker revision, are carried out exclusively by academics qualified at doctoral level or above, active in their respective fields and familiar with the discourse of scientific communication.

In the arts and social sciences area, our translators hold doctorates in musicology, art history, literary studies, history, sociology, psychology, media studies, economics and political science. In the field of the pure sciences, the doctorates held are in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, pharmacy, geology and oceanography.


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St. Wilfrid's Enterprise Centre Birchvale Close Manchester M15 5BJ United Kingdom


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