Established in 1997, Novilinguists Multimedia is a highly-reputed localization company on the international arena. Located in Genoa in the north of Italy, it was founded by a dynamic and dedicated businesswoman who has created a flexible team of language professionals and a cluster of language partner companies to serve the long-term multilingual needs of clients operating in a global business environment. Our business is privately owned and is composed of in-house professional translators and senior project managers who have developed excellent technical skills and share their professional communication and management competencies with each other on a peer level.

Over the years company growth has been steady and progressive thanks to the loyalty of our clients who remain with us because we have prioritized quality and personalization as our key assets to build customer satisfaction. Our business has also grown thanks to referral from satisfied customers, thereby playing a crucial role in company development.

With the flexibility to meet complex customer localization needs, Novilinguists believes ‘knowledge’ integration is the only valuable client-oriented approach that can ensure seamless interaction between ideas, processes and output, thus lending unparalleled added-value to the final product.

In order to approach global businesses as potential customers,Novilinguists strives to offer an even wider range of services in different mission-critical areas to meet multiple client needs. It has achieved this by creating an extensive pool of professional partners who accommodate comprehensive multilingual localization and consulting services specifically designed for companies poised to globalize.


Our Address:

Via Malta 3/11 - 16121 Genova


44.4035658, 8.9434609


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