LEXILAB represents the fused experience of three partners who have been working in the translation sector for over 15 years.

LEXILAB represents not only a language laboratory which deals with translation and graphic layout but additionally, an experimental office where new solutions are tested using the most up-to-date resources.

LEXILAB’s objective remains to constantly optimise working procedures in order to reduce production times, improve quality, least forgetting, reducing translation costs.

Armed with vast experience in the translation sector, both locally and globally, we have developed efficient processes governing the processing of complex files and we have optimised the working methods governing multilingual project management.

Other than being able to exploit technological tools as fully as possible, which in turn allows us to assist and improve the work of the translators and graphic artists, LEXILAB believes in the importance of being able to listen to customer requirements in order to offer services particularly suited to individual customers and solutions which are most suited to the documents.

In order to achieve the best results, we believe that a close relationship with the customer is vital in order to best understand product features and the image that they wish to portray of their company. Correct, accurate, documents, translated impeccably in terms of style, terminology and grammar represent the best advertisement governing acceptance into foreign markets and illustrate the attention to detail and resolution of a company. Such an achievement also depends on open, direct communication and and an effective cooperative relationship.

LEXILAB represents a point of reference in terms of your linguistic requirements, a loyal partner to which you can turn in order to find the solution most suited to your documents or even somewhere to turn in order to dispel all doubts.


Our Address:

Vicolo del Lavatoio, 23 Scala D – Int. 2 33170 Pordenone (PN) Italy

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