InterContact® Budapest Kft. was originally founded in 1988 as Intercontact Budapest, and has been operating in its current form as a limited liability company since 1991.

During the economic transition of the early 1990s, when Hungary’s banking system was transformed to comply with the new market system, InterContact Translation Agency  played an active role in the process by providing continuous interpreting and translation services to various banks and financial institutions (the National Credit Bank /MHB/, OTP Bank Nyrt., K&H Bank Zrt.).

We played a similar part in facilitating international communication in the course of the structural and organizational restructuring of the energy sector.

Prior to Hungary’s accession to the European Union, we were at the helm in bidding for, winning, and implementing tenders for the translation of the legislative documents of the European Union. Since Hungary’s accession we have been likewise awarded numerous translation tenders issued by the bodies and institutions of the European Union and have been providing top-quality services on an ongoing basis to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our regular and returning clients in Hungarian public administration are particularly appreciative of the combination of competitive prices and InterContact Translation Agency’s non-negotiable professional service and language standards.

There are over a thousand companies – many of them leaders in their respective fields – in the business sector for whom InterContact Translation Agency has provided – or still provides – top-notch translation and interpreting services in diverse fields.
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1054 Budapest, Hold u. 15. II/2.


47.5050979, 19.052594699999986

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