Huadian Translation Co., Ltd. (HDT for short), nestled in Chongqing, China, is a professional translation company specialized in providing translation service for engineering projects and various industries.

Started with a translation service for a power plant project, HDT has moved on to serving a large variety of industrial projects covering electric power, petrochemicals, automation, steel works, water works, civil works, mass transit, pollution control, architectural design, information technology, car manufacture, etc.

HDT undertakes to translate all kinds of bidding documents, contracts, technical specifications, design codes, quality standards, installation & commissioning procedures, as well as operation and maintenance manuals.

HDT’s reputation for quality and value added services have enabled its service well acknowledged by customers from all business circles, thanks to a competent team of professionals who are not only experienced translators but are also engineers in relevant industries.

With its 20-plus years of experience, HDT is always able to satisfy customers’ requirements beyond expectation, which makes HDT to be more competitive than translation service providers.

At present, HDT is providing an all-around translation services for many key construction projects in China and other countries.

HDT is dedicated to providing continuous quality translation services at competitive prices for our customers.


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