The family-owned company – AD VERBUM – offers you premium quality linguistic services.

VERBUM, meaning “word”, is the key to all spheres of our modus operandi. Word as an expression of thought, a formulation of an idea, an expression, an indication of attitudes and a means of negotiating. The preposition AD stands for our interest in your needs. To express the essence of your thoughts and to do so precisely is the main task and responsibility of AD VERBUM.

Mutual understanding is very important in all societies, especially when it comes to communicating between societies. Our family-owned company is best characterized by the high quality of interactions among our employees, customers, languages, words and letters.

As we learn from ancient texts – the sky, earth, seas, rivers, mountains, hills, trees, grass, stars, constellations, wisdom, reason, and knowledge that sustain the world have all come into being through words. The challenge facing us on a daily basis is how to unravel these relations.

The people of AD VERBUM represent the widest range of generations, which helps us to exchange different experiences, ideas, convictions and values. At the same time, this enables us to accept changes, better understand our capacities, increase our capabilities and process information faster.

Our main objective is to facilitate understanding –between different people and between different languages. We are proud to be a company that is worth joining forces and working with.


Our Address:

Balozu Street 11, Riga LV-1048, Latvia


56.9445941, 24.0734733


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