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McFelder’s ambitionsA high quality reliable technical language translation service was the goal when McFelder Translations was established in 2004. Today organisations in both the public and private sector across the world benefit from that service. Our objective was always to be a “full service” provider, where we take care of every stage of the documentation management process. We understand that our international clients require professional quality service, full project management, on-time delivery and competitive prices. Clients need a reliable business partner to meet all their global communication needs.Why you should work with us…No client ever has the same translation requirements: no project is ever the same. At McFelder, different file formats, language combinations, delivery schedules are all carefully managed on a daily basis according to your individual needs. We have multi-lingual staff who will make sure that our expertise is utilised to your advantage. We work to high quality and service standards. This is why we have enjoyed strong business growth year on year and maintain an impressive client base of international companies and government organisations. We have been selected as Framework Suppliers to public sector organisations. We know where our expertise lies and so do our clients.


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C/ Canat, 76 17820 Banyoles Girona, Spain


42.1202907, 2.7629329



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