KARTACA Translation Services, established in Istanbul in 2003, the status of the individual companies and in 2007 was transferred to the status of a limited liability company. Company, local and foreign to many organizations in countless areas of written and oral translation, sworn translation, desktop publishing, escort services and foreign language counseling service offers. KARTACA Translation Services, professional responsibility and business ethics at the forefront of keeping all the customers, international standards, within the framework right fast, reliable and cost-effective services aimed to present. KARTACA Translation Services heretofore translation service offered across the fields of banking, media, IT, biochemistry, biology, audit, consulting, shipping, iron and steel, foreign trade, pharmaceuticals, education, economics, electrical, electromechanical, electronic, electrical, industrial, energy, pharmaceutical, finance, physics, food, real estate, customs clearance, security, public relations, cartography, economics, medicine, construction, business development, export, import, aviation, law, stationery, chemicals, jewelry, cosmetics, logistics, machinery, medical products, media, metal, engineering, architecture, accounting, engineering, forestry, hospitality, automation, automotive, marketing, retail, petroleum, petrochemical, plastics, advertising, health, insurance, sports, strategic research, agriculture, transportation, technology, textile, telecommunications, medicine, commerce, tourism, international relations, taxation is located.


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Kartaca, Istabul, Turkey


41.0196762, 28.8896179


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