After successfully meeting the translation needs (English to Brazilian Portuguese) of localization agencies in the US, Europe and also direct clients in Brazil for almost 20 years, we are promoting a revolution in our company, seeking to maintain its leading position in Latin America (The Top Language Service Providers in Latin America in 2012, Common Sense Advisory) and preparing it for the future.

Because of that, we provide services only in those areas which our In-house Translators have formal education or proven experience: Mechanics and Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Finance, Medical Devices, Software/Hardware, Web, Information Technology, Marketing, Business, E-learning and general documentation.

Another relevant point was to acknowledge that, in addition to qualified and committed Project Managers, BLC needs a team of highly experienced In-house Translators and Editors. For this reason, our in-house staff includes three skilled and qualified translators in charge of the translation and editing of small projects, terminology management, quality assurance, support to Freelance Translators, and recruitment and training of new translators.

Without a doubt, the most revolutionary step was the owner’s decision to share 30% of the company profit among the employees. This decision changes completely the employees’ perspectives for the future and raises significantly the levels of satisfaction, productivity and quality; not to mention that it reduces drastically employee turnover. It is based on this level of satisfaction and commitment that we will serve our clients.


Our Address:

Luiz Camilo de Camargo Street, 531 – Suite 4 – Hortolândia/SP, Brazil


-22.8641444, -47.2158622


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